Cicero China Desk

With the continuous development of China's economy and an ever increasing worldwide cross-border business with China, the members of CICERO dedicate themselves to providing high-quality legal services to both Chinese investors outside China and overseas clients, especially European companies doing or seeking to do business in China.

The CICERO member firms come from 37 countries worldwide, each with an outstanding reputation in their respective home jurisdiction. Coupled with their invaluable knowledge of local law and the local business environment, CICERO members provide their clients with high-quality legal advice.

The growing demand from our clients for excellent legal advice in the cross-border trade and investment originating from, or flowing into China prompted CICERO to establish its own China Desk.

The Cicero China Desk divides its services into two main categories:

China Outbound Business
Whether Chinese clients are involved in cross-border disputes or seeking to expand their businesses overseas: it will be vital for them to obtain legal advice from a local law firm. For example, during cross-border M&A transactions, it is indispensable to involve a local legal advisor throughout the process. All too frequently we come across Chinese companies who as a result of their unfamiliarity with the foreign legal market failed to choose the right law firm and eventually abandoning their overseas investment project. This is where CICERO as an established network of international independent law firms comes into play and can successfully help out.

CICERO as an international legal network greatly simplifies the process of finding the right overseas law firm. CICERO provides Chinese investors with the chance to build connections with first-class legal advisors from around the globe. Our member firm in China serves as the first point of contact for PRC investors that plan an overseas expansion and will lead them to the right local partner law firms overseas best suited to their requirements.  

Through its member firm in China and its local network, CICERO is continuously seeking to establish new business relationships between China and Western Countries. Consequently, CICERO is open for more intense collaboration with PRC law firms which can team up easily with their counterparts in other jurisdictions during cross-border transactions of their clients.

China Inbound Business
Western clients, and European investors in particular, who intend to enter the Chinese market or who are already carrying business in China will benefit from the close cooperation between the legal advisor in their home jurisdiction and our member firm in China. Established in Shanghai but covering the entire country, GvW Graf von Westphalen is the Chinese outpost of a leading German law firm with several offices throughout Germany and in Brussels. In Shanghai, a team of European, US- and PRC qualified lawyers provides Western investors with first-class legal advice in the challenging Chinese market.

GvW fosters good relations with Chinese authorities, local PRC law firms, trademark and patent agencies, accountants, business consultants and M&A/corporate finance advisers. It guarantees personal and individual advice locally and offers communication in English, German, French and of course Chinese language.