• high quality legal skills
  • pro-active advice
  • strong ethical code
Cicero League of International Lawyers

About Cicero

about Cicero

"In a word, not to go into details, it is our duty to respect, defend and maintain the common bonds of union and fellowship subsisting between all the members of the human race. .. And all things just are proper, all things injust, like all immoral, are improper." says Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC, a Roman statesman, lawyer, orator, writer and philosopher. Being a newcomer in politics, a homo novus, Cicero became the youngest consul Rome had ever seen. He was one of the most brilliant lawyers of his time, acting successfully for his clients, and dauntlessly defending the public interest, the res publica, against corruption, waste of public goods and dictatorship.

Feared and famous for his speeches, he wrote about the art of arguing and convincing people, and became later one of the most important points of reference for the European renaissance, a great humanist. We believe that his life and his words serve as an example for lawyers of our times. As Plutarch says in his Parallel Lives "He bore witness to the truth of Plato's prophecy that states would then have respite from evil, when in one and the same person, by some happy fortune, great power and wisdom should be conjoined with justice."

Board members:

Peter Munday
President, England
Frederick London
Patricia Barclay
Patricia Barclay
steven bivacco
Steven Bivacco

CICEROTM is an established network of international independent law firms which provides links to high quality niche law firms principally in the corporate/commercial/property sectors. Unlike many international networks Cicero admits into membership only one firm in any one country (except for the United States due to the complexity of the legal system and potential of the economy where three members may be admitted) allowing close professional relationships to be created for the benefit of members and clients. Each member firm maintains autonomy over the services it provides to clients recommended to it by other member firms.

Membership of Cicero allows member firms to gain access to and collaborate with law firms in other jurisdictions and accordingly increase their offering to their clients involved in international affairs.

Our member firms are chosen and monitored carefully and provide their clients with:
  • high quality legal skills, generally at partner level;
  • local knowledge of legal and, importantly, commercial entrepreneurial business and language skills;
  • all member firms being fluent English speakers;
  • pro-active advice;
  • a desire to achieve the best results;
  • strong ethical code and best practice.

Cicero members are not bound to cross-refer work to Cicero members in other countries.. Members meet at regular intervals (twice a year) to discuss and formulate professional and commercial ideas to assist member firms and their clients involved in international trade or services.

Cicero is a gateway to law firms throughout the world. Cicero law firms are not in joint practice or in partnership. Each firm is autonomous and performs professional services on an independent basis.

Cicero is affiliated with CH International a network of worldwide accountants.

Cicero is affiliated with CH International a network of worldwide accountants


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